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Victoria, Founder

Hi guys! I am a twenty- something year old student currently pursuing a PhD in Robotics (eek!), who has a slight obsession with all things purple!!!! But most importantly, I LOVE God and I have a sincere passion to see lost souls return to Christ. I am currently serving at my local church as a children's teacher. Having overcome defeat, inadequacy and rejection, I am determined to tell as many people as possible about the saving grace of Jesus. Finally, always remember: Regardless of your past, you are loved, chosen and forgiven.

Michael, Contributor 

Hey!! I'm from Osun State in South-West Nigeria. I am a Computer-Science graduate and I am currently studying for a postgraduate qualification in Information Technology while working as an IT Projects Engineer!! I am a firm believer in God Almighty and I enjoy living under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I love sharing my written pieces through my social media pages and hope to share them with you guys too! My watchword is – "With God, all things are possible".

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Angelica, Contributor

Hi! I'm Angelica (or Angel :-)). I live in Rochester, New York where I am an employee for the City of Rochester. Although I currently work with numbers on my job, I have a deep love for development! I'm a member of Heavenly Temple Church, on the Finance Committee and occasionally lend a hand wherever and whenever needed. When I'm not working, I'm either volunteering, attending church/worship services, working out, shopping, traveling or lending an ear to a friend! I am a natural encourager who always tries to stay positive. My drive and passion for spiritual and personal development is what I live for. I am excited to dive into influencing individuals on a new level and for an even higher purpose

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Brittany, Contributor 

Hey y'all, my name is Brittany Brown! I'm an Anthropology major and a senior at Mississippi State University! I'm recently married! I'm part of the Praise and Worship team at my church and I'm involved with other Christian organizations on Ms State campus! I'm a writer and a photographer! I love Jesus, traveling, books, Chacos, cat videos, food, and more! Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me!

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Hey all, I'm Anita and a new blogger at ChosenByHim. I love singing and writing, so I decided to sing and to write! Lol... you can find me singing away on YouTube and read my other blogposts on my personal blog; My Walk With The Father. And on instagram @anitacx_ I love family, friends, food, laughing and most of all - The Lord! May my words on this blog always be a blessing to you. Love always & God bless! X"

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Nelson, Contributor

Hello everyone, my name is Nelson. I am a post graduate with a Bachelors in Writing and Minor in African and African American Studies in pursuit of my calling. I am a thinker at heart with a passion for creativity, poetry and the spoken word, encouragement, mentorship, and Men's fashion, fitness, and faith. I am currently blogging here and at B.E. Righteous (Being Extraordinarily Righteous) as well as other creative channels dedicated to the lifestyle God has called man to live. Won't you take this journey with me as I pursue and illustrate the love Christ has for us? 
Be encouraged and B.E. Righteous!

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